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Web Circuit India, A technically professional and professionally technical team with the mission of launching websites, providing you with all information at the click of your mouse and all that the new technology can give. We are a also a body of media people who keep constant touch with the people and matter all over.

                 "We Create Your Dream Site into reality."

WCI is an experienced design company addressing communication and interaction challenges of our clients. We help you to make your dream projects come true!. We formulate the contents needed to attract, retain and communicate to your site visitors. We set the platform for you to take off and announce to the world all you want to say about yourself, your company and your range of products. You can interact with anyone in any part of the world through the web we design for you and even buy or sell your products, whatever they be. We can assure you of only the best.

           We know, Design is more than a look.
           We believe design starts with concept

We emphasise content enriched, clean, navigatable and fast loading pages that represent your business positively. While we are proficient in the latest design and programming techniques, we use them appropriately to add essential functionality to your website.

We offer affordable prices but do not compromise in quality and hence suitable even for small business. Even so, bear in mind that your website is an investment and will help your business grow. We understand your needs and are able to tailor a plan for you. As we know what it means to keep your business online all the time.

Our web design includes an in-depth study of your business which includes understanding your business needs, your industry and there by providing suitable solutions, right technology to suit your objectives and new ideas that can make your business succeed.

We systematically measure web activity and from a careful study of the visitor's behaviour makes suggestions to improve the flow of visitors within the site, determine advertising placements, suggest content improvement and provide navigational design improvements.

We do know how to find your competitor on the web and there by suggest the best marketing strategies for you to consider.

We can even recommend using the internet to easily test an explore new market. We will provide you the time and cost for website development including but not limiting to analysis, design, development, testing implementation and maintenance.

We are well known in the industry for our honesty and reliability. We offer only the best designing & hosting solutions with adequate technical support.


We understand your needs and are able to tailor a plan for you. As we know what it means to keep your business online all the time.

Ours web site hosting solution allows you full control by means of a 'Web based Control panel', which comes FREE with all plans.

Why Should I need?
Why should I need a Website ? Many people asked this question.

Your are in Global era
In the changing scenario of the world market, there is no distance between countries or continents. Even a small business can sell their product or provide services to other countries even in other continents.

Website is a Robust Tool
A Web site is a robust tool, which delivers immediate results with positive impact on your sales and profits. A web site acts as a sales person, advertiser and online shop with minimum capital investment.

Work with us
With Web Circuit India's hosting solutions, a business can tackle the power of the Internet in minutes to reach and service new customers across the globe, to generate more revenue, enhance customer service and to improve communication.
Our Solutions
Our solutions helps you to have a clear business direction, with a complete package that includes-
  • HTML Design & Coding
  • Graphic Design
  • Content creations
  • Scripting services
  • Database development
  • Flash development
  • e- Commerce
  • Hosting, site monitoring
  • Online Fonts
  • Searchengine optimisation
  • Search engine submission
    Our Clients
    List incomplete
         Full Site Plan - Basic       
    Creating a website is just like making your dream home. The size and furnishing of the home depends on your budget. Our web design charges are based on your budget. In normal case a website with essential pages with adequate content and images costs Rs. 9500/-. This package includes domain charges, hosting charges, Site design , Content preparation, Graphic works, Site Management for the first year. These sites have up to five five pages. We can include Guest book, News Letter, Form Submission etc as per your suggestion at free of cost.
    Price/Year: Rs. 9500/-
    For Extra Pages Rs. 350/- Per Page for Normal HTML with adequate graphics
    Rs. 750/- Per Page for pages with Flash animation etc
    Site Maintenance Charge: Only from 2nd Year.
    No other Charges.
    Rs. 3500/- This include Domain charges, Hosting Charges, and Maintenance charges.( 4 updation per year. For Additional updations : Rs. 250/- per updation)


         Full Site Plan - Advanced       
    If your site have more than 10 pages you can select our Advanced design plans. Price is calculated according to your bad width usage, Server Space (See our hosting section for more details) and volume of the work.
    Price/Year: Hosting Charges + Domain Charges + Design Charges
    Design Charges Rs. 350/- Per Page for Normal HTML with adequate graphics
    Rs. 750/- Per Page for pages with Flash animation etc
    Scripting charges according to the volume of the work.
    Site Maintenance Charges According to the volume of updates. (Generally Rs. 200/- Per updates)


        Restructuring Plan           
    Is your website Old? Slow? Poor ranking in search engines ? Poor visitors ?
    Less attractive ? . Then restructuring plan is for you. This package includes Site design , Content preparation, Graphic works, Site Management.
    Price: Rs. 250/- Per Page for Normal HTML with adequate graphics
    Rs. 750/- Per Page for pages with Flash animation etc

    If you drop us a mail (support@webcircuitindia.com) , we would be delighted to give you a detailed overview of how our services can help you complete your project on time and within budget. Before that please refer our FAQ section. For subject specific FAQ, click on the question mark symbol provided at the top right corner of this web page.

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